"I thoroughly enjoyed gaining Maori insight into the various uses of rainforest plants, as well as the opportunity to hike and view such beautiful landscapes."
Landon Klein - USA

"I enjoyed the rawness of the outing...and the stories were very real and personal."
Melena Nelson - USA

"I really enjoyed the beautiful sites throughout the entire trek and I loved listening to stories about the Maori culture."
Emily Martin – USA

An authentic Maori cultural experience in the Bay of Islands tourism region

Luanne & AaronNative Nature Tours is an eco cultural tourism business owned and operated by Aaron and Luanne Taikato. As members of the local Maori tribe in the Bay of Islands, Luanne's family have lived on these tribal lands for many generations.

This area is one of few places left in Aotearoa (New Zealand) where the Maori language is still common in daily use and the Maori traditions of old are still practised.

Unlike a showcased tourist event, Native Nature Tours gives you a genuine, real life cultural experience on all of our guided nature treks.

Authentic Maori cultural experience

Native Nature ToursYour visitor experience at Native Nature Tours include authentic cultural tourism experiences such as a traditional Maori welcome at our marae (meeting house), visits to sacred places, information on local landmarks and an introduction to the Maori language and culture. You'll also learn about traditional Maori medicines and food during our bush treks.

If you stay overnight, you can indulge in a delicious hangi meal which has been cooked underground, the traditional Maori way. You'll be able to hear folk tales or even learn Maori folk songs around the campfire.

Choose Native Nature Tours for a truly authentic Maori tourism experience.


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