"I thoroughly enjoyed gaining Maori insight into the various uses of rainforest plants, as well as the opportunity to hike and view such beautiful landscapes."
Landon Klein - USA

"I enjoyed the rawness of the outing...and the stories were very real and personal."
Melena Nelson - USA

"I really enjoyed the beautiful sites throughout the entire trek and I loved listening to stories about the Maori culture."
Emily Martin – USA

Your opportunity to plant a native tree and help nature conservation

Tree Planting InitiativeNative Nature Tours gives you the opportunity to help with nature conservation by protecting and restoring our natural environment – the rainforest reserve and the areas around it.

This is also an opportunity for you to balance your carbon footprint while travelling in Aotearoa New Zealand.

As part of Native Nature Tours’ overnight guided nature treks and our Kaitoki one-day trek, you'll get the opportunity to plant a kauri or hinau seedling – two of our treasured native trees. Actually, Maori etiquette suggests you plant two trees!

Help restore balance in the eco-system

Both these native tree species used to be widespread in our local area. However, these majestic native trees have been depleted significantly by human exploitation of natural resources over the last 150 years.

By planting an indigenous tree, you'll help correct the wrongs of the past and restore the natural balance in the eco-system.

Your contribution to nature conservation recorded for posterity

Offset your carbon footprintEvery native seedling planted by our visitors will be recorded with its location, the name of the person who planted it and the date when it was planted. By helping us resettle indigenous trees in this way, you will be a contributor and be tied to our land as a kaitiaki (caretaker) of this precious rainforest.

Planting a tree as part of a Native Nature Tours trek does more than just contribute to nature conservation for future generations. You also create the opportunity for your children and grandchildren to visit the by then majestic native tree that you have planted… How great is that!

To enjoy an authentic nature experience and help our nature conservation efforts, book your visit to Native Nature Tours today.


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