"I thoroughly enjoyed gaining Maori insight into the various uses of rainforest plants, as well as the opportunity to hike and view such beautiful landscapes."
Landon Klein - USA

"I enjoyed the rawness of the outing...and the stories were very real and personal."
Melena Nelson - USA

"I really enjoyed the beautiful sites throughout the entire trek and I loved listening to stories about the Maori culture."
Emily Martin – USA

Kiwi Tour

Stay with Native Nature Tours and enjoy an authentic indigenous lifestyle in an isolated Northland rainforest.

Duration Cost Included Min - Max on Trek
3 days, 2 nights NZ$975 pp All meals
2 - 12 people

The Kiwi Tour is our deluxe three day eco cultural experience. You will have an up close and personal insight into modern Maori, our practices and beliefs. Immerse yourself in our way of life and enjoy a ‘hands on’ approach to many of our customs.

Day 1: Enjoy a unique cultural experience with Native Nature Tours

Kiwi TourYour venture will start with a traditional Maori welcome at our family marae (meeting place). This ceremony signifies us inviting you into our homes and introducing you to our native forests, our river and our sacred mountains.

At the completion of the welcome, we will take a leisurely walk through our organic farm and onto our bush camp. This will take approx. 1 ½ hours. To make the trek to the bush camp more enjoyable, all your equipment can be transported to the camp by a 4x4 vehicle.

Once we arrive at Kaitoki camp, there will be time to get acquainted with your new surrounds and settle into your cabins. An invitation will then be extended to assist us in the laying of a hangi, which is the traditional way of cooking food in the ground. This cultural experience will be highlighted with commentary on the hangi and the culinary delights contained within.

While dinner is cooking an opportunity will be given to trek into the immediate surrounds of Kaitoki native rainforest reserve. Here you will be enlightened with our rich history and traditional practises of the forest’s medicinal compounds and natural food sources. This is a spiritual journey into the realms of Tanemahuta (Maori God of the forest).

On return to Kaitoki camp, the hangi will be ready and you will again be invited to assist us in the lifting of the hangi… dinner is served!

As night begins to fall we will navigate to designated areas and commence Kiwi listening. Our family has been carrying out these listening posts for several years now as it allows us to monitor the health of the kiwi population in the area. This is done through listening and recording the distinctive male and females calls. Once the data has been collected it is sent to the Department of Conversation (DOC) for analysis. This gives you a great opportunity to help with the conservation of our native bird, the Kiwi.

Day 2: Climb our sacred mountain and enjoy New Zealand’s pristine forests with Native Nature Tours

Kiwi TourAfter a goods nights rests, we prepare to trek to the summit of our sacred mountain, Mt Motatau. Breakfast will be served at 7:30am. Local produce will be available for you to make a cut lunch for our days trek. Snacks will also be provided.

The mountain trek is an 8-9 hour walk. During this trek we will uncover key geographical features and you will be privy to some of the intimate secrets and the rich history of our relationship with Papatuanuku (mother earth).

The panoramic view from the summit of Mt Motatau is breath taking. From this vantage point prominent landmarks will be pointed out for you. The beautiful landscape provides you with a sense of serenity as you gaze upon the majestic beauty of Pewhaiorangi or the Bay of Islands.

Once we return to Kaitoki camp, there will be time to shower and catch your breath as the evening meal is prepared. A Kiwi BBQ is on the menu tonight which incorporates organic and local produce.

After dinner we will invite you to join us around the camp fire. The smouldering embers provide a perfect backdrop to get to know one another. You may want to learn a Maori song or just sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Our friendly guides are more than happy to answer any questions about the local wild life or a Maori perspective on anything you may wish to ask. We are more than happy to give you an honest answer on any topic.

Day 3: With Native Nature Tours you can do your part for the conservation of our temperate rain forests

Native TreesDay three starts with a fresh breakfast served in Hamiora, our dining room. After breakfast we will move into the forest to partake in a tree planting ceremony. This is part of our Tree Planting Initiative to help restore our native forest and counter your carbon emissions whilst on holiday in New Zealand.

As an active participant in the ceremony, you will find this is a unique cultural experience which displays the special bond Maori have with their environment.
In the last few days you have lived with us, helped us to sustain our native bird life and environment. You have learnt some of our traditional medicines, foods, customs and language. You have trekked through our forests and climbed our sacred mountain. It is now time to say goodbye. So it is with a traditional farewell ceremony that we wish you safe travels to your next destination in the hope that one day you may return.

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