"I thoroughly enjoyed gaining Maori insight into the various uses of rainforest plants, as well as the opportunity to hike and view such beautiful landscapes."
Landon Klein - USA

"I enjoyed the rawness of the outing...and the stories were very real and personal."
Melena Nelson - USA

"I really enjoyed the beautiful sites throughout the entire trek and I loved listening to stories about the Maori culture."
Emily Martin – USA

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring?

For our day treks you will need suitable clothing and a good pair of walking boots or shoes. A drink bottle, wet weather jacket and day pack. Don’t forget your camera If you are staying overnight we suggest overnight attire and a change of clothes for each day. We also advise you bring some insect repellent and sunscreen.

How fit do I need to be?

If you enjoy nature, we will ensure you enjoy your time with us regardless of your fitness level. If we think you will struggle on your selected trek, we will give you an experience equal in value to the trek you initially purchased. Our decision is based on your safety being paramount.

Is there a safe place to park my vehicle?

Yes, we have a car park area next to our marae which is located centrally on our farm. This is a private farm with limited access only by family. So yes, your vehicle is safe.

If I am staying the night, will I have to carry my entire luggage on the treks?

No, we want you to enjoy your trekking experience with us so we will take any excess equipment by vehicle to your accommodation where it will be kept safe. We suggest you do take a wet weather jacket, water bottle and a camera with you though.

How do I find you guys?

Our ‘Contact Us’ page has a map displaying our location. Our downloadable brochure also has a map on it.

What if I don’t have a vehicle or any means of transport?

Then we will come to you! We can arrange pick up anywhere in the Bay of Islands or Whangarei.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

Yes we do, just let us know when you make your booking.

Do you promote responsible tourism?

We are a Maori company whose values are based on promoting environmental sustainability in a real living Maori world. This includes:

  • Restricting numbers for our treks
  • Walking only on already formed animal tracks
  • Recycling rubbish
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Buying local organic produce
  • Organic farming
  • Tree planting initiative
  • Donating to local marae
  • All of our programmes provide an informative approach to environmental sustainability through a living Maori culture.

Is there an age limit?

Whanaungatanga is a Maori value which promotes the importance of kinship through an inclusive approach to one another. At Native Nature Tours we encourage all ages to participate in our eco cultural tourism activities. We would however need to customise your trek for the little ones, to ensure everyone enjoys their time with us.

Do I need to follow any cultural protocols?

As our way of life does include certain cultural protocols endemic to the Maori people, some of our practises will be very foreign to you. We will explain any cultural protocols or practises prior to the activity and assist you though the process. Our culture is a treasure and through education we will share our spiritual beliefs with you.


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