"I thoroughly enjoyed gaining Maori insight into the various uses of rainforest plants, as well as the opportunity to hike and view such beautiful landscapes."
Landon Klein - USA

"I enjoyed the rawness of the outing...and the stories were very real and personal."
Melena Nelson - USA

"I really enjoyed the beautiful sites throughout the entire trek and I loved listening to stories about the Maori culture."
Emily Martin – USA

Eco Hunting

Help to conserve our beautiful rainforests by going wild boar hunting with a local Maori guide.

Availability Cost Included Min - Max
01 May - 15 Oct Ask for a quote All meals
1 - 4 people

Wild Boar HuntingCaptain Cook’s introduction of pigs (Sus scrofa) to New Zealand in the 1770’s was a welcome food source for Maori and over time has become a staple part of the Maori people’s diet. If wild pigs become too populous they can be destructive to our native forests and farming pastures. At Native Nature Tours we actively manage the balance of sustaining our natural food source and protecting the native forest.

The excitement of an eco hunting tour!

Wild Pig HuntingAt Native Nature Tours we will guide you and up to three of your friends wild pig hunting. We don’t use firearms but prefer to dispatch of the animal with a knife. This is an adrenaline pumping experience and is not for the faint hearted. You will find this day a lot more enjoyable if you have a good level of fitness. That said, we are still able to take you hunting if you haven't walked very far in a long time. We have 4x4 vehicles for your convenience but there will definitely be some bush walking involved.

Stay the night at Native Nature Tour’s bush camp

Kaitoki Camp offers accommodation with all the basic comforts from hot showers and flush toilets to a fully sustainable kitchen. The four cabins at Kaitoki Camp each offer comfortable accommodation. The bush cabins are fully equipped with beds, sheets, covered pillows and sleeping bags or duvets.

With Native Nature Tours we don’t waste any good pork

Eco HuntingIf you are hunting for a trophy, the rest of the animal won’t be thrown away. It is against Maori belief to take life from the forest and waste it. If you live in New Zealand and you would like to have the meat for yourself, we are able to get the pork processed into bacon, salami, sausages, hams or cut into roasts. Eating these culinary delights with friends gives a great opportunity to share your eco-hunting experience.

Come eco hunting with Native Nature Tours

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